Good in Between (GIB)

An order that has a start and end date.

How it worksGood in Between order explained

This is a time-based execution condition, wherein they are activated and operational within a given period. 

The main benefit of this order type is that you can take advantage of repeatable and predictable cyclical behaviors which have clear beginning and end dates. The downside is that given that the order trigger is based on a date, rather than market conditions, the price execution triggers for the orders might be far above or far below then-current market conditions; leading to enormous potential inefficiencies.

Illustrative AXO price: 12.5 ADA
Use case

How it is used

Dan has noticed that there is a strong correlation between the price of HOSKY token, rising inflation rates, and unemployment numbers. In addition, he has discovered that most major movements happen two weeks after the respective announcement of CPI and employment numbers. Consequently, he places a sell ladder order, which functions as a series of sell limit orders during that timeframe to take advantage of the expected market movements.

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