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Strategy Composer

Axo gives you the tools to create trading strategies intuitively. For the first time ever you can deploy strategies directly as on-chain code, without a custodian, or external infrastructure. Strategy customization has never been this effortless and accessible.If you understand trading, you understand Axo.

Create and visualize

Build financial applications without code

Use simple drag and drop blocks to define your trading rules and principles, all without needing to write a single line of code. Visualize multiple trading pairs, financial products and market entry & exit criteria before you embed them into a single programmable swap.

Explore programmable swaps
Strategy Composer
For everything elseCode trading strategies with easeWhen prebuilt components aren’t enough, Axo’s purpose-built x programming language enables you to compose novel programmable swaps from scratch. Script custom trigger events, and utilize both on-chain & off-chain data sources to deploy bespoke trading strategies. Diagrams and code are equivalent, you can switch between strategy composer and the x code as needed.
Tailored Information

Big data integration

Strategies expressed as programmable swaps are backtestable on-platform, and can react to data from a variety of sources.

Data lab

Integrate or backtest with information from Axo’s granular financial data feeds.


Implement oracles from trusted sources and expand your trading strategies.


Instantly incorporate data from any off-chain data sources.

Strategies on-chain

Finally trade on your own terms

Choose from hundreds of templates, combine them for limitless possibilities, or script a trading strategy from scratch.