On-chain financial products

Change how you engage with finance. Unleash your potential by creating anything from traditional finance products, through web3 instruments, to entirely new asset classes. Design and share trading strategies.

A trading community

Share and invest

Axo creates a marketplace for portfolio managers to share their strategies. Automatically collect management and performance fees or share no-fee crowdsourced strategies with the community.

Control market exposureComposite asset ownership - own baskets of assets

Through Axo’s embedded on-chain and off-chain data sources, you can invest in entire market segments.

User-defined combination of assets that auto-rebalance with changing market conditions.

Index Funds
Deploy a programmable swap to automatically follow a certain ratio, and assign the parameters under which it rebalances.
Trade limited-issue tokens representative of the assets held in a programmable swap and gain exposure to its underlying trading strategy.

Hedge with specialist financial instruments

Unlike in traditional finance, derivatives on Axo are verifiably backed by the necessary digital assets for contract settlement, eliminating counterparty risk.

Write your own future

Futures contracts

Write and trade unique futures contracts that trustlessly execute on the blockchain and reduce the associated costs of creating traditional futures agreements.

Create tradable contracts linked to real goods, tracked by on-chain logistics.
Buy/sell assets at unspecified points in the future and receive fees for underwriting the contract.
Change the base currency under which a contract is settled.
Manage and price riskOptions on the blockchainTrade and underwrite industry-standard call and put options, or design your own with the freedom to alter any parameters.
Long straddle and strangle+
Iron condor+
Spread structures+
Customize your own+
Defy defi and tradfi

Explore what’s possible in finance

Build never before seen assets and create the trades and products you truly desire.