The evolution continues

Harnessing the power of programmable swaps and the transformative capabilities of xlang, we've set a new standard for designing finance.This breakthrough technology is the foundation upon which an extensive array of composable features are constructed. Building complex trades from atomic components allows for deeper liquidity resulting in an enhanced trading experience.We invite you to explore the roadmap and discover the exciting path ahead.

xlang's "trading completeness" compresses what would normally be independent protocols into a single platform.
StrategyIndex fundsAxo enables you to invest into a basket of tokens with just a click. Be as specific or as broad as you like with your exposure to cryptocurrency markets. Replicate a popular index fund on the platform, or make your own.
Introducing a multiparty ownership model into programmable swaps enables...
Amplify your strategyLending & borrowingLending at Axo provides the flexibility to borrow, short, and leverage trades for optimal returns. Dive into Axo's dynamic platform, where borrowing, lending, and strategic market positioning converge to deliver a unique trading experience.
With xlang supporting lending & borrowing, we're just a UI update away from implementing...
Master risk managementOptionsOptions offer the flexibility to buy or sell assets at favorable prices without obligation. Unlock new revenue streams while keeping risk in check!
With Axo offering Options, a simple frontend update enables...
Go further with leverageSpread bettingAxo's spread betting feature enables users to efficiently place bets on the direction of price movements for various assets while optimizing their use of capital.
Oracles coming online as a data source allows xlang to support the creation of...
Make your own futurePrediction marketsAxo's prediction markets allow users to speculate on a wide range of events, from sports and politics to weather and crypto prices. It offers a protocol for both participating in and creating predictions, expanding the horizon of informed forecasting.
Combining multiparty ownership with trusted price oracles makes it a breeze to add...
Infinite trading possibilitiesSyntheticsSynthetics on Axo mimic the value of various assets, allowing you to trade without owning the actual asset. Synthetic trading transforms your market approach, offering a blend of diversification, hedging, and speculation to push your trading to new levels.
Synthetics introduce call conditions required for...
Shape your financial future with precisionFuturesFutures offer the flexibility to trade assets at favorable future prices, protecting against market swings and seizing potential profit opportunities. Take control of your risk and earn by knowing where the market is going!
Pooled ownership of future contracts allows us to introduce...
Unleash the power of leveragePerpetualsPerpetuals are contracts that let traders hold positions on assets indefinitely, leveraging up to 100x for amplified market effects. These instruments offer users extended financial flexibility by allowing for a completely new way to engage with the markets without time limits.
An unused tool does no good. Access Axo when (and how) it suits you.
Trading at your fingertipsMobile appThe Axo mobile app offers instant access to investments, allowing users to trade, monitor portfolios, and stay updated with market trends on-the-go. With its intuitive design and robust security, Axo ensures seamless and secure trading from anywhere.
Be the bestSocial tradingNot sure where to start? Imitation can be the best way to learn. See what others are doing and learn what is (and isn't) working in the market. Axo's trading leaderboard allows you to quickly find and compare potential mentors. Dive in to discover top traders' tactics, get inspired, and elevate your own trading game within the Axo community!
Trading at your fingertipsStake ADA to earn AXOProgrammable swaps can stake ADA directly, dynamically delegating to chosen pools for maximized returns while being able to trade. Active staking meets strategic market-making, ensuring you reap the best of both worlds: superior rewards and continued ADA earnings.
Manage wealth with stealthOTC tradingAxo's OTC platform offers a private way to make large trades with precision, setting fixed-sized blocks at desired prices. Dive into Axo's integrated ecosystem, where discreet trading meets efficiency, ensuring your trades are executed without causing market ripples.
EMPOWERING PROJECTS WITH SINGLE-SIDED LIQUIDITYLaunchpadAxo's launchpad empowers projects to exchange their native tokens for any desired counterpart. Beyond a traditional token sale, the launchpad creates robust trading volume and protects against liquidity pitfalls, ensuring better markets for projects and traders alike.
Connecting the trading worldChatChat revolutionizes communication by blending secure messaging with integrated trading tools. Dive into real-time discussions, strategy sharing, and direct deal negotiations, all while seamlessly executing trades on the platform.
Make your own futureOne last thing...Axo has great things coming for you. There is one more secret we can’t tell you yet. But it’s going to be big ...

The path ahead

Axo is built from the ground up to be a flexible and adaptable system. Its modular design allows it to build or incorporate any functionality that benefits a user’s trading experience.While this initial roadmap is ambitious, much is planned beyond this scope. Axo’s ultimate goal is to be the most efficient, sound, and ubiquitous financial protocol on the planet.

Trade simulator
Backtest your strategies and paper trade before putting capital at risk.
Delegated liquidity
Delegated programmable swaps allow users to pair their liquidity with professional market makers.
CEX listings
To aid awareness and create an onboarding funnel, Axo is in the process of being listed on multiple top ten centralized exchanges.
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