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How it works

Exchange digital assets, create trading strategies and utilize advanced custom order types on a single intuitive platform.

Auto-generating smart contracts
A unique programmable swap is created for every order and trading strategy that a user deploys.
Independent and fair trades
Your programmable swaps always remain exclusively under your control, so you never lose custody or have to pool your digital assets with others.
Signal Engine
The Axo Signal Engine (SE) can track any on-chain and off-chain data and make it available to programmable swaps as trading signals to act upon.
Order Matching Engine
The network of Order Matching Engines (OMEs) fairly and efficiently executes all active programmable swaps against each other.
Programmable finance

Auto-generating smart contracts

Every trade decision on Axo automatically generates a unique high-assurance smart contract, known as a programmable swap. For optimized efficiency, programmable swaps reference existing on-chain scripts, rather than being embedded in their code, which reduces their size and deployment cost.Common smart contracts require users to loosen custody over their digital assets, programmable swaps do not - funds remain under your control until the trade execution or cancellation.Programmable swaps are written in the x programming language, which is formally verified and purpose-built for finance.Explore programmable swaps

Each programmable swap inherits the formally verified properties of x programming language - so you can build and trade billion dollar financial products with peace of mind.
Programmable swaps’ design fractionalizes liquidity and makes institutional-grade market making possible on-chain for the first time.
A programmable swap lives on the blockchain, with the underlying code adapting in real-time to on- and off-chain data until execution.
Impartial executionIndependent and fair trades
Programmable swaps are deployed on-chain during the commit phase, after which they exist in one of two states - inactive or active.
Commit phase
Your order execution conditions are committed to the market for autonomous matching, eliminating infrastructural advantages like front-running, and sandwich trading.
Inactive programmable swaps
Execution conditions not met: the programmable swap remains on-chain and available to the market until its conditions have been met, or it is canceled by the user.
Active programmable swaps
Execution conditions are met: under fairness conditions, the programmable swap is executed simultaneously and continuously against all other active programmable swaps.
Informed Trading

Signal Engine

An ultra-high-speed data processing engine that collects and interprets live on- and off-chain data for trades and oracles. Programmable swaps utilize Signal Engine data to execute and adapt your strategies to changing market conditions.

Trade Signals
The Signal Engine continuously processes information and stores it in Axo’s data lab, where it can be used for strategy design, backtesting, and forging new oracles.
signal engine
Institutional-grade efficiency

Order Matching Engine

Programmable swaps are matched via a decentralized network of Order Matching Engines (OMEs), which are informed via real-time data transmitted by the Signal Engines.OMEs generate mathematical proofs that certify that programmable swaps are executed under the fairest and optimal conditions. During each block, all active programmable swaps are submitted by the OMEs to the blockchain for validation and execution.
Axo vs the rest

The benefits of Axo

Formally Verified
KYC Required
Native Custom Strategy Creation
Financial Instruments Creator
Share Trade Strategies
Unlimited Order Types
Finance is just better on Axo

TradFi functionality with DeFi flexibility

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