Good After Day (GAD)

An order that activates after a future date.

How it worksGood after day explained

An execution trigger that can be attached to any order type - the order and all of its conditions are only active once a specified date has passed. This activation trigger takes priority over any underlying logic in the order type.

The main use for GAD is for demarcation between accounting periods and operational structure. However, it may also be of use in trading strategies reliant on cyclical market movements, or specific events.

The main drawback is that since the trading strategy is not active in the market until a given date, it runs the risk of missing out on periods where the trader would’ve greatly benefited from the execution of the order. 

Illustrative AXO price: 12.5 ADA
Use case

How it is used

Immanuel is in the process of filing his taxes when he sees an exciting opportunity in trading ADA for AXO. He has already maximized his tax-free exemptions and doesn’t want to execute any more trades this tax year, so he places a simple GAD market order to acquire AXO on the first calendar day that bureaucratic considerations permit.

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