Fill Or Kill (FOK)

This order type will only execute if there is enough liquidity to fill the entire order otherwise it automatically cancels.

How it worksFill or kill order explained

FOK Orders are limit orders that need to be filled in a single operation, or they are automatically canceled. If there isn’t enough liquidity at a given price, no assets are transacted and the order is immediately withdrawn from the market. 

This order prioritizes immediacy and fixed price over any other metric. It does not allow partial fills of the order, and it works under an all-or-nothing assumption - it’s either fully expended in a single trade, or it is not executed at all and it cancels itself. 

Illustrative AXO price: 12.5 ADA
Use case

How it is used

Carl has been looking to invest in ADA, and there seems to be enough liquidity for his order at the price he wants to buy. However, as he doesn’t want to move the price with his order, he sets a FOK order to target a particularly robust liquidity block - either the market liquidity can withstand his full order, or the order is never executed.

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