Who is Building the Axo Protocol?
Generation Lambda — the team behind axo

Axo may have started as an idea, but it takes people to make the future of finance a reality. Introducing Generation Lambda, the team pioneering a new science of finance and creating the Axo protocol — Decentralized Finance’s (DeFi) first trading platform.

Our team is an eclectic mix of quants, Haskellers, programmers, authors, thought leaders, business experts, Ph.D. researchers, professors, creatives, former United Nations staff, and traditional finance veterans.

Generation Lambda is led by founder and CEO Jarek Hirniak. Jarek is a former team leader, developer, and quant for traditional finance giants Citadel Securities and UBS with over 20 years of software development experience, including groundbreaking work on concurrency at Microsoft Research. He brings expertise in building world-class trading systems and decentralized systems to the team building the next-generation trading platform — Axo. Those familiar with the Axo whitepaper will recognize Jarek as the author, and you may have noticed him as an active member on Discord or Twitter. Many of those reading might have also met some of our other team members, but if not all team member bios can be found here.

At its core, Generation Lambda is a software development house specializing in creating the next generation of decentralized financial tools and high-assurance protocols. We are defining an industry of decentralized financial technologies based on functional programming and formal verification.

Our ambitious team is 21 strong and growing. We count many decades of industry experience in traditional finance, computer science, research, formal verification, Haskell, marketing, and communications amongst our team.

Marc Dumpff, GenLambda’s CSO, has over 15 years of experience in traditional finance as a senior finance professional, advisor, consultant, strategist, and hedge fund and asset manager. He has managed portfolios of multinational corporations and ultra-high-net-worth individuals with funds in the billions of dollars (USD). Marc heads our overall strategy and works closely with CEO Jarek on market research and institutional adoption.

Both Jarek and Marc have decades of combined experience working for and with financial institutions. Their expertise is helping pave the way for institutional capital in DeFi through the Axo protocol and Generation Lambda initiatives.

Our formal verification team is headed by Tomasz Brengos, an adjunct professor at Warsaw University and a category theory, functional programming, and formal verification researcher of over 20 years.

Our Haskell team is headed by Alexander Granin, a widely renowned software architect, developer, and published author on Haskell software design with 14 years of development experience. He’s joined by Jonathan Thaler, a PhD. in computer science with close to 20 years of experience in software design, architecture, computer simulation, and Haskell.

Wolfgang Knoerr, a senior marketing and brand specialist with 25 years of multifaceted experience, heads the branding and communication team. Wolf brings a level of professionalism and creativity consistent with industry-leading brands he’s helped build over the last two decades.

The front-end team is helmed by Korneliusz Caputa, who has over a decade of design, full-stack development, and functional programming experience. Korneliusz has worked with brands worldwide to develop innovative and intuitive applications for global customers. Milan Houter also joins the front-end team as UX/UI lead, Milan is a Cardano native, the founder of Cardano Cube, and a digital designer with over 10 years of UX/UI experience.

Finally, our special projects team is helmed by Robin Boening, another Cardano native, and owner of the LACE pool. Robin is a software engineer with over 20 years of experience in development and design, including nearly a decade of blockchain integration experience.

The Generation Lambda team approaches the Axo project with proven experience and industry-leading talent working across five different continents. Axo is a multi-year effort, and the team will continue to scale to meet the demands of the ever-evolving protocol and build new decentralized financial technologies.

As we reach the next stage of development, we are bringing in support from the global leaders in branding and digital storytelling, Moving Brands, who have developed brands such as Netflix, Apple, Uber, and many other household names. Our partners in PR are SlicedBrand, who name Microsoft, Google, and Spotify among their clients.

We are working with trusted and proven industry leaders to support our outreach efforts so our team can focus on the code and the core strategy and mission of Axo.

Our protocols and tools are intended to help billions achieve financial sovereignty and launch finance into a new era of verifiable security, sound financial markets, fairness, and total transparency. There are many more surprises we have yet to reveal, and we look forward to building the future of finance with you all.