Welcome to Axo

Dear Maladex community,

We have been blown away by the support for the Maladex protocol and vision of a fair, transparent, and efficient financial system for all. We’re doing all we can to deliver you the future of finance. Today we’re taking a step toward that promise and our strategic efforts to connect the protocol to more people. We are adopting a new name and brand to best represent the protocol’s core values and mission.

As of September 28, 2022, Maladex will be officially known as Axo, a timeless, accessible, and clean brand that will allow our message to spread more easily. Axo is committed to creating a protocol that connects all trades on the planet – from small volume traders to large-scale institutions. The vision and commitment remain the same – now, our brand matches those core values and long-term goals.

Dropping the term "DEX" (Decentralized Exchange) from the name is a significant step in our development. DEX is a limiting term for the scope of the protocol, and its removal reflects Axo’s distinction as a trading platform for digital assets and an exchange settlement layer for the world – far beyond the functionality of a DEX.

We also move away from the negative connotations associated with the term ‘mal’ in different languages and cultures as part of our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

The Axo logo contains both the lambda symbol and a mathematical arrow, called a lollipop arrow from linear logic. Together they form the iconic ‘X,’ a nod to the mathematical fundamentals of category theory and linear logic, on which the protocol design is based.

We’ve kept tight-lipped on our new branding, but it’s worth the wait to have a brand that will truly represent the promise of the protocol.

It takes tremendous experience and talent to create world-class brands, which is why we have been working with industry leader, Moving Brands, known for creating brands for companies such as Netflix, Google, Virgin, and Spotify, to name a few.

The process was grueling and led to a deep introspection of our mission to pioneer the transition to a fair and efficient financial system for everyone. Everything from the graphics, geometry, color scheme, behavior, tone, and writing style had to match our vision. We are proud to declare that our hard work has ensured the Axo brand represents everything our community and we stand for.

The Axo protocol is gaining momentum, and we thank you all for your support so far. We have a series of industry-shaking announcements yet to come — so stay connected with us.

To learn more about the new brand, check out the Axo press kit.

What about Mal?

We could never truly say goodbye to Mal, he will forever be a part of Axo’s history. Mal will be stepping down as our brand ambassador, but you will still find him causing mischief in our Discord.

If you know Mal, you know the original story of Axo. To you, the earliest supporters, we say thank you.