Urgent Update: Addressing Stuck Orders

Let's address the most crucial point: your funds are safe, and now there's a straightforward way to retrieve them. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during our recent pre-trading phase and appreciate your patience.

Understanding the order creation process on Axo

When you create an order on the Axo protocol, your tokens and trade conditions (like price and trading pair) are moved to your custom script on the blockchain. This process is akin to placing your funds into a secure vault. A twin NFT process is employed to ensure your exclusive access to these funds. One NFT stays within the script, acting as a secure marker, while its twin is sent to your wallet. This pairing ensures that only you, the holder of the twin NFT, can access and control the funds at all times.

Addressing the cancellation issue

In normal circumstances, canceling an order would involve:

  • You initiating the cancellation through our user interface.

  • Your twin NFT being used to verify your right to access the funds in the script.

  • The successful return of your funds to your wallet and closure of the order.

However, the process may not execute as expected under rare circumstances. We had an unforeseen matching network issue in the early hours of pre-trading that stopped this process from working as intended. We will soon release a full post-mortem of what happened and the steps we’ve taken to ensure it is resolved.

Steps to retrieve your funds

  1. Visit the dashboard and identify the order that hasn't been returned to your wallet.

  2. If your order is highlighted in red, manual intervention is required to retrieve the strategy. Otherwise, proceed to step 4.

  3. Clicking the red bell icon will open a popup, which allows you to generate a transaction to bring the ownership NFT back to your wallet.

  4. Open your order (the link is under the TYPE / ID header) and add '/eject' to the end of the URL. For example:

  5. Confirm the hard eject action in the popup. This process directly commands the blockchain to return your funds, bypassing any system issues.

Hard eject: Your direct line to fund retrieval

The hard eject feature allows you to interact directly with the blockchain for immediate resolution, ensuring that you maintain control and access to your funds even if our system encounters issues.

This update will resolve over 98% of user issues but a small amount of edge cases may remain. Please reach out via ⁠Discord support if you still encounter problems.

We apologize for this technical challenge and are committed to refining our innovative platform to prevent future occurrences. Thank you for your continued trust and support in Axo.