The Countdown to Launch Begins!

The Countdown to Launch Begins!

Exciting times are upon us as we prepare for the mainnet launch of Axo, Cardano’s most powerful trading protocol. After an incredibly successful testnet, it's time to gear up for the real deal. Here's what you need to know to get ready for the big day!

Locked and loaded

Your AXO airdrop scripts will be securely locked on chain and viewable through the Axo Vault soon. We’ll let you know as soon as the update has been made, and you’re one step closer to claiming your well deserved AXO tokens. Only your wallet can interact with the matching vesting script, so make sure to log in and admire what you’ve earned.

Liquidity seeding event

Wen IFO? Never! We’re introducing something more exciting — our liquidity seed event (LSE). This is your exclusive chance to acquire and trade AXO before the full-scale protocol launch. Think of it as the precursor to the main event.

Mark your calendars: Jan 9th, 2024, at 12pm GMT.

Over 5 days, you will be able to exchange your ADA and select Cardano native tokens (CNTs) for AXO. The majority of Cardano’s most traded tokens will be eligible, with the official list revealed closer to the date.

The LSE will be accessed via Axo’s trading interface, where a unique price discovery algorithm will adjust the AXO price according to market demand. Users can buy and sell as they see fit, with no lock-up period.

275 000 AXO will be unlocked from the treasury for this event. This unlock is 1 week earlier than the tokenomics dictate, but we feel this is a worthy exception. Half of the unlocked tokens will be available to trade for popular CNTs, the remainder will be used to provide liquidity for the ADA/AXO pair. All of the liquidity seeded by the community will be bonded to the protocol. This protocol owned liquidity will be used to populate the virtual order book and help facilitate a seamless trading experience when Axo launches, with the remaining AXO being used to fortify the treasury.

For direct access, visit the LSE page — it will automatically load you into the trading interface when it's time, no need to refresh! You’ll also find a countdown banner on and the Axo testnet.

If coming from the testnet, make sure you’ve set your wallet to mainnet mode!

Prep time

Following the conclusion of the LSE, there will be 2 days of preparation. During this time, the price discovery algorithm will be turned off, and the protocol owned liquidity will be moved into liquidity bonding strategies. These will ensure a healthy order book and will start trading the moment Axo officially launches.

These 2 days of prep time also provide participants with the opportunity to fine-tune their algos, set their strategies, and position their liquidity, ready to unlock the moment the protocol goes live. This approach is designed to minimize the initial post-launch chaos that many protocols experience. For those who wish to test their strategies further, we recommend utilizing the Axo testnet


The launch datum, set to be minted in the first week of 2024, is a unique EUTxO that contains a key token and the launch date. This pivotal date is referenced by all the vesting scripts as the commencement point for their vesting process. Additionally, it acts as a critical threshold for the official protocol launch. Full protocol functionality will only be unlocked and available once this date is crossed.

Axo mainnet

The protocol will only become active when the launch date is crossed, as specified in the launch datum. 

The official launch of Axo will be on January 16th, 2024, at 12 pm GMT.

This is a unique chance to be part of a movement that’s reshaping the financial landscape. Expect more of what you’ve enjoyed on the testnet. More orders, more strategies, more polish, and the debut of investment indexes for an elevated trading experience.

Airdrop withdrawal

Airdrop participants can withdraw 20% of their tokens immediately upon mainnet launch. This gradual release of tokens is designed to foster a stable and fair trading environment. The rest will vest over the year, ensuring a balanced ecosystem for all.

Don’t trust, verify

Once AXO is in circulation, it’s crucial to make sure you’re buying the real token. This will always be the case on Axo, but if you’re buying over the counter or on other DEXs, always verify the policy ID to ensure you’re dealing with genuine AXO tokens.

The official AXO policy ID is:



The journey so far has been nothing short of extraordinary. From the development of groundbreaking financial mathematics to the creation of our programming language, xlang, we’ve pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in decentralized finance — and we’re only just getting started.

Get ready to embark on this thrilling new chapter with Axo. Together, we’re not just trading tokens; we’re forging the future of finance. Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s make financial history together!