Setup and Fund Testnet Wallets

Axo is coming to the Cardano testnet and will be available for everyone to try. Participating in the testnet is an exciting opportunity for Axo users to contribute to the success of the platform while familiarizing themselves with how the Axo protocol works in a risk-free environment.

In this guide, you'll learn how to set up a testnet wallet, add collateral, and receive test funds using Eternl and Nami wallets.


Open the Eternl browser extension, in the bottom right-hand corner it will say “Mainnet.” Press this, and a window will open, prompting you to switch networks from the Cardano mainnet.

Select “Pre-Production Testnet,” you can now create or restore a testnet wallet.

Once your wallet is created, first click on the dapp connector icon so that it turns green, then go into “Wallet Settings,” which is just below.

Under the Collateral tab, press the “Set Collateral” button and sign the transaction.


Nami allows you to use the same wallet for mainnet and testnet. If you don’t already have a wallet in Nami, import or setup a new one, then click the icon on the top right to open the menu.

Choose “Settings,” “Network,” then select “Preprod” from the dropdown menu.

To add collateral, reopen the menu, select “Collateral” then input your wallet password and confirm.

How to receive testnet ADA

Test ADA (tADA) is the native currency of the testnet. It has no value and is freely available. Click here to obtain test tADA to use on Axo.

Please be sure to select "Preprod Testnet" and use a receiving address from a testnet wallet when requesting funds from the faucet.

How to mint testnet tokens

Once the testnet is live, you can use our faucet to mint AXO and other tokens for use on the testnet.

Ensure your testnet wallet is connected, click the faucet link in the top menu and select your desired token from the drop-down menu. Press “Mint,” and then sign the transaction with your wallet.

The minting process may take several minutes, after which the tokens will be added to your wallet.

You are now ready to access the Axo testnet once it launches. Make sure to keep your eyes on the Axo Twitter for further details.