After much consideration, Axo has made the choice to end all outstanding partnerships following the publication of this post. Axo thanks all its partners for their collaboration and continued support.

This decision was not taken lightly but rather was made with the intention of protecting the community. Over the last few months, it has become clear that partnerships in the digital asset industry are often perceived as endorsements of a project's value as an investment - this was not the intention. 

On Axo, partnerships were meant to showcase projects that could be beneficial to integrate within the protocol, not to indirectly endorse their financial position or potential.

The current macroeconomic climate and the unexpected collapse of respected names within the Cardano blockchain have underlined the importance of promoting responsible investment behavior. It is worth noting that most startups fail, and the inherent uncertainty and volatility of digital assets mean that most projects are unlikely to be sound long-term investments.

To avoid confusion, Axo made the decision to end all active partnerships. The goal is for Axo to stand on its own and not rely on or provide its reputation to other projects.

The digital asset landscape is an evolving industry with little certainty. Axo does not wish to lend credence to other projects when their financial position is unknown. The separation of successful projects from dishonest or insolvent ones should be left to investors and the market rather than passed on to unrelated third parties.

Axo will continue to work with its industry peers, but with the understanding that working with these projects is not an endorsement of their potential as investments or a seal of approval of their financial positions.

We encourage the community to carefully review their portfolios and follow the "Do Your Own Research" maxim when making investment decisions. The coming months are likely to be difficult for the industry, as the blockchain sector primarily developed during the longest bull run ever recorded and has yet to be tested in a hostile macroeconomic environment.

Thank you for your understanding, and Axo hopes this decision will encourage responsible investment behavior within the digital asset community.