How to Connect a Hardware Wallet to the Axo Vault

There have been a few questions regarding the recent Axo airdrop, chief among them whether it is possible to claim eligible airdrops via a hardware wallet.

Good news! The Axo airdrop is claimable from Trezor and Ledger alike.

This guide will help explain to you how to connect your hardware wallet to the Vault from start to finish. 

The Axo account

First things first, in order to be able to connect a hardware wallet, you will need an Axo account. To get one, you just need to connect a light wallet, a non-hardware wallet. Don’t worry, this light wallet doesn’t need to be eligible for the airdrop.

In order to connect your light wallet and open an Axo account, head over to the “Account” tab in the Axo Vault, where you’ll find a button that says “Connect Wallet.” Press this button and select the wallet provider you prefer to connect to.

Upon selecting your wallet manager of choice, you will be asked to confirm that you own this wallet. If you do, just press “Continue.” Please note that this does not count against your four-wallet claims limit for the airdrop, as the claims process happens separately. You are just linking wallets to your Axo account, and this does not have a limit. 

After you’ve connected your light wallet, you will also have gotten an Axo ID, which you can check in your "Account" tab. If you verify this ID, you can also convert this account into one that you can use on the Axo protocol when it’s live. 

Now that you have an Axo ID, and have connected the light wallet, you can press the downward arrow icon on the upper right portion of your screen. This will display a dropdown popup menu with an option that says “Switch wallet” - press it. 

Pressing this button will once more bring up the wallet connect screen. Select your wallet provider of choice, where your hardware wallet is stored. If you are using the same wallet manager as with your light wallet, remember that you might need to switch the dapp connector in the settings, as it might default to your original light wallet. 

Following this, you will be given the following “Confirm wallet ownership” screen. Choosing the “Continue” button will follow the normal light wallet route you just went through.

On the other hand, at the bottom of the popup, you will see the following message “Note: If you are using a hardware wallet, click here.” Select that option. 

Choosing that option will bring the following window, telling you that you must send 1 ADA to your own wallet via a prebuilt transaction that you will sign via your hardware wallet. As such, the cost will only be the negligible transaction fee associated with sending the 1 ADA to yourself. 

Follow this option and sign the approved transaction. Upon successfully signing the transaction, when you go to the “Account” tab, you will see two wallets shown - your light wallet and your hardware wallet. 

Once the 1 ADA transaction has been processed by the Cardano blockchain, the pending status of your hardware wallet will switch to “Confirmed.” The ownership status switch should happen within minutes as the transaction gets processed by Cardano. If not, disconnect and reconnect your hardware wallet from the Vault so the ownership status check is reset. If this still hasn't changed the status in a timely manner, please contact the Axo Discord for support.

Congratulations! You’ve now managed to connect your hardware wallet to the Axo Vault. 

You can now connect your hardware wallet to the Axo without needing to confirm with a transaction. Click the “Switch wallet” button on the account page - choose your hardware wallet, and click connect - you will not be asked to confirm ownership again. 


Due to security reasons, Axo requires accounts to be associated with a light wallet. As such, to be able to claim with an eligible hardware wallet, you must first connect a light wallet, which will generate an Axo account, and only then can you connect a hardware wallet.

Light wallets can costlessly sign authentication messages, while on hardware wallets, a 1 ADA payment in a prebuilt transaction takes this authentication role.

In the future, you will be able to use your Axo account with the Axo protocol.