Axo DeFi Glossary

Need someone to ELI5 impermanent loss, EUTxO, or some other DeFi term you read on CT? Don’t stress, you’re SAFU with us. We’ve got something that can help.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a new paradigm full of novel and constantly evolving ideas — it can be hard to keep up, especially without a traditional finance (TradFi) or programming background. The team behind Axo wants to help.

We’ve developed a DeFi glossary, built for the community, to help digest those jargon-heavy articles or understand the comment section of your favorite influencer. In the glossary, you will find slang, acronyms, and industry terms used by investors, developers, and the community at large.

Education is an integral part of the DeFi revolution — mass adoption isn’t possible without educated users — so although we’re building on Cardano, this glossary will be blockchain agnostic and free and open to everyone.

We plan to continue to update the glossary and encourage the community to submit the terms, concepts, and innovations we’ve missed.

Please submit any proposals for changes or updates to [email protected].

We hope the new community DeFi glossary will help our community and beyond understand our whitepaper and articles in more detail, along with any other content you regularly consume.