Setting a new standard for trading

Pioneering the transition to a fair and efficient financial system for everyone.

A new future for financeThe world’s most frictionless exchangeThe next evolutionary step of TradFi and DeFi - Axo expands the possibilities of finance with universal access to markets and powerful financial tools all in one platform.How it works
Rethinking what’s possible

Axo changes everything

Built the right way, not the easy way - trading reimagined from the ground up.

Efficient by design

Every feature and capability of the protocol is written and executed on-chain, while complex computation is handled off-chain.

Fairness at its core

Designed to eliminate unequal access to markets, Axo’s formally verified Order Matching Engine guarantees the best execution price and order of arrival.


Delivering on the promise of decentralized finance. Don't lose custody of your assets by sending them to a smart contract. With Axo, they remain in your custody while the transactions are executed.

Empowering the next generation of tradingIntroducing a new language of financeTranslate your ideas into success with programmable swaps - purpose built and formally verified to express any financial transactions as autonomous on-chain code.Explore programmable swaps
Enabled by programmable swapsUnlimited order typesBuild your own trading strategies, or use one of the hundreds of pre-programmed and ready-to-use blueprints.
  • Conditional orders
  • Time-sensitive orders
  • Stop-loss and market-triggered orders
  • Accumulation strategies such as DCA
  • Compose your own strategies
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Protect your downside

The hedge you cannot ignore

Bringing advanced risk management on-chain - dynamically protect portfolio composition with triggers based on:

  • Volatility
  • VaR
  • Custom formulas
  • and more
Liquidity without inefficiencyYou are the market, not just a player in itAnybody can be a market maker via institutional-grade tooling that enables capital-efficient liquidity modeling and impermanent loss management with ease.Market making
A Tool for every purposeA wide range of financial productsExpanding market opportunities with an array of financial products not possible anywhere else.Explore Axo financial products:
  • Indexes
  • Futures
  • Options
Financial products
compounding excellence

The Axo advantage

Research driven

Rigorously designed, informed by first principles, quants and researchers.

Lingua franca of finance

A machine understandable and executable financial language.

Formally verified

High-assurance code mathematically proven to reliably secure your wealth.

Order Matching Engine

Impartial order-routing with investment grade matching algorithms.

Composable design

Forward thinking and backwards compatible - upgradeable without service interruption.

Intuitive user interface

A seamless and responsive user experience for crypto novices and professional traders alike.

Powered by cardano

Built on a solid foundation

Axo leverages on- and off-chain infrastructure to provide an unparalleled user experience and functionality.

Off-chain computation

Off-chain computation exponentially scales throughput, reliability, and customizability beyond layer one limitations.


eUTxO is an evolution of Bitcoin's elegant UTxO design, which adds smart contract capabilities to an adaptable system.


The Cardano network has the highest level of decentralization within layer one blockchains.

A shared journey

Together, we drive financial freedom and opportunity to all

Join a dedicated community and shape the future of finance - decentralized, non-custodial and efficient.