TradFi Tales Compilation
Episode 1 – Some traders just want to watch the world burn (or electricity grids).Threadreader TwitterEpisode 2 – High-Frequency Trading (HFT)  The war between man and machine that extracts 💵 billions from the market.Threadreader TwitterEpisode 3 – Above the Law The secret societies and self-regulators that keep Wall Street’s biggest banks out of court.Threadreader TwitterEpisode 4 – How to Wipeout a Trillion Dollars in Minutes The rise of the not-so-rare black swan.Threadreader TwitterEpisode 5 – Wen Onion Futures? The volatile world of onion prices and how to corner a market.Threadreader TwitterEpisode 6 – When Cash Isn’t King How 1.3 billion people’s banknotes became worthless in less than 4 hours.Threadreader TwitterEpisode 7 – ChadFi Some people think finance is boring, these chads prove them wrong.Threadreader TwitterEpisode 8 – When Crime Pays Dividends  How the Yakuza became the unofficial biggest private equity firm in Japan.Threadreader TwitterEpisode 9 – Monopoly Men The sticky business of owning the means of production and distribution.Threadreader TwitterEpisode 10 – Trading From Orbit How satellites became the new (legal) insider traders.Threadreader TwitterEpisode 11Silver Mines Go Brr — How 16th century Spain ruined Europe’s economy (and China’s) by stealing too much silver.Threadreader TwitterEpisode 12 – Protecting Your Castle How Taiwan’s economic moats created a business empire, cornered global production, and caused a geopolitical security threat.Threadreader TwitterEpisode 13 – The Original Sh💩t Coin How relying on poop built and then tore down an entire economy that didn’t diversify.Threadreader TwitterEpisode 14 – Blood and Sand - Gangs are stealing beaches, mafias are murdering innocent people, the planet is being destroyed and it’s all because we’re running out of one commodity - sand. Threadreader TwitterEpisode 15 – The Pepsi Navy and Coca-Cola imperialism - 20th century Europe's thirst for fizzy drinks proves the market will always find a way.Threadreader TwitterEpisode 16 – The Hedge Fund That Sold Sports Cars - How Porsche played the stock market, made billions... then lost it all.Threadreader TwitterEpisode 17 – Recessions Make Unicorns - How economic downturn created some of the most innovative and successful companies in the world and why it will happen again.Threadreader TwitterEpisode 18 – Trading Under the Influence - The rise of the drunk trader and the emotional investor.Threadreader Twitter