Axo and IAMX
We are pleased to announce a new partnership with IAMX, a self-custody & identity management platform.IAMX offers a ‘‘Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)” service, which enables users to manage the digital identities of individuals and businesses. IAMX can provide digital identities for verification and transactions through SSIs without relying upon a central data repository. User identities are stored in IAMX’s digital cross-blockchain wallet, enabling the user to store their identities on different blockchains, and can only be accessed by authorized parties. This tool gives users complete control over how their personal information is kept and used.In order for blockchain and the digital assets industry to advance beyond the present scope, we believe it must provide a streamlined user experience that any person can take advantage of without having to go beyond their technical comfort zone.To that end, IAMX’s SSI system will provide a means by which a user’s biometric data can be used in lieu of the traditional seed phrase to access one’s assets. This is an important first step towards developing full economic agency.In the future, we expect users to be able to seamlessly trade assets on their own terms, without needing to open a bank account, or worrying about the dangers inherent to self-custody. Axo aims to make individuals their own sovereigns — full economic agents, who voluntarily decide their terms for interacting with others.This partnership with IAMX is one step among many to ensure that the Axo protocol is a key player in the Cardano ecosystem and beyond.
About IAMX
IAMX is an identity management platform. IAMX uses a token-based SSI that gives users the ability to create a digital identity that meets the compliance and legal standards required by governments and regulatory bodies.At present, the company is trialing the use of physical terminals, designed to help individuals without a digital identity to obtain one. This will allow participants to affix certificates and data onto a biometrically verifiable identity.
About Axo
Axo is a novel trading protocol. User defined trading conditions are expressed as programmable swaps — a trading oriented smart contract variant. Programmable swaps are flexible enough to express any trader’s intent, from simple orders to the most complex market making strategies.Programmable swaps can be matched with each other, across any system that implements the Axo protocol specification. Each programmable swap operates independently of one another through blockchains while retaining synchronization and interoperability between them.